About Zion Daughter

Hello, my name is Mary Kiganda and I’m truly grateful that you stopped by.  I created Zion Daughter music ministry for the purpose of producing and sharing Gospel and inspirational music.  I am a native-born Ugandan with mixed Rwandese heritage raised in America.  Because of my background, my musical influences vary from Contemporary Gospel to African, Rhythm and Blues, Classical, Jazz, Rock and Reggae.  I find joy sharing quality time with family and friends, in singing, dancing, writing, and reading.

I have had a deep appreciation for my culture which led me to the Performing Arts industry over 20 years ago through Kayaga of Africa (Also see The Rhythms of Black History Month) and more recently with Mbuutu of Uganda.  Though I enjoyed the performing arts, audience accolades failed to fill a hole in my heart.  This led me to seek God on a deeper level as I sought answers to many of life’s challenges.  Over the years God has blessed with means of evangelizing through music while  celebrating my cultural heritage at the same time as I’ve ministered with St. Cecelia African Gospel Choir (where I’ve learned to sing in various languages), and my Church Choir in various Church events in the Washington, D.C. Metro area.  Recently, I felt a calling to share this gift with more people and this led to the creation of Zion Daughter.  You can follow me on this journey as you read my blog on this page. 

Through this music ministry, I want to encourage others to grow in the love, knowledge and the fear of God through music.  I will also showcase other Gospel music artists from around the world as a means of supporting the Gospel Music Industry for God has used various Gospel artists’ to encourage me on my faith’s journey.

l strongly believe that we are blessed to be a blessing.  As such, I plan on donating 15% percent of the net revenue from Zion Daughter music sales in order to support the work of various Churches and ministries (such as Bambi Ugandan Orphans) whose work brings solace to the famished in body, mind and soul (Matthew 25) while leading many to the purpose for which they were created Thank you for your support and God bless you in all your endeavors.

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