By Mary E.N. Kiganda

 Growing up, I remember thinking of many people as heroes. Most of these “heroes” were fictional characters and included everyone from Tarzan, Superman, and the Incredible Hulk, to Wonder Woman and the Bionic Woman (yes, I’m dating myself but I consider it a blessing to have gray hairs to show for my many years here on earth). These larger-than-life heroes all had one thing in common. They were always there to save the day in dire circumstances. As I grew older, however, I yearned to find real-life heroes.

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Maybe it was the romantic in me searching for someone who could demonstrate their love not just in words but through action.  As my personal relationship with God grew, so did my realization that the greatest Hero of all time was Jesus Christ.  He was all about serving others and taking care of their needs, no matter what it cost Him.  In the beginning of His ministry, Jesus became a hero to a bride and groom by saving them from embarrassment during their wedding reception and providing wine when what they had ran out. Jesus’ heroism was not only seen in the beginning of His ministry, but also in his very last hours.  Filled with terror as He thought about the torture and pain He was about to go through, instead of focusing on Himself, He managed to still see the immediate needs of those around Him.  He even healed the high priest’s servant whose ear had been cut off by Peter.



As He continued His journey to a painful death, He comforted the women who were crying helplessly as they watched what was happening to Him.  There on the cross, pain racking His entire body from the crown of thorns on His Head to the feet bound together with nails, He thought about His mother’s well-being and what would happen to her.  Before He died He asked John to take care of her. As if that wasn’t enough, He turned around and forgave the sins of the repentant thief, recognizing the thief’s need for emotional and spiritual healing



My Hero of all heroes goes on to show us what it means to save the day through the ultimate act of laying down His very life for us. He showed us a love that is real, unconditional and shown through action. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy a good movie with heroic characters and I’m looking forward to the upcoming Superman vs Batman movie, but I’m so grateful that I no longer have to look to fictional characters to find what I was looking for: Jesus is my Superman, a hero without a cape. My Hero carried a cross to save me and I’m so glad  I’ve found everything I’m looking for in the ultimate Hero, the Savior of my soul, Jesus! 

How has Jesus been a Hero in your life?


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